20.2 i.f. update

Hey everyone, hope all of you are well!
I have a question that I couldn’t get the answer.
Can someone tell me what’s going to be new on if 20.2? Thanks!

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Right now all we know is the 777-300ER.

Check out the development thread to stay up to date.


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For all 20.2 additions, you can follow along in the official 20.2 thread below. This is a central hub for all information confirmed. This info is updated accordingly with what is confirmed at the current moment. You can also follow along with teasers and information which is posted on Infinite Flight’s social media pages which can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook under @infiniteflight


The update will also include performance related things

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Everything will be posted on the linked topic as it is known. Not everything in 20.2 will be made public as some things are best left a surprise.