20.2 Hotfix VNAV problem

I had some problem with the VNAV

My VNAV turned on by itself during a long haul flight during the night which means that I was sleeping and when I woke up I saw that I had 3 violations after that I made another flight and again my VNAV turned on by itself and I have received another violations . It cost me my Grade 5

Did someone get this bug?

What should I do?

Thanks !

Are you sure you didn’t accidentally touch the VNAV?

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Yeah I’m sure about that fact !

I’ve sometimes accidentally slipped and pressed VNAV whist enabling LNAV or adjusting my speed could that have been the case?

It could be the case but here I remember very well not turning on the VNAV because I knew I wouldn’t wake up in time to start the VNAV descent.

I’d recommend watching your replay of that flight and look if autopilot disengaged, that could be the start of finding out why and how :))

(I’ve had this issue and it turned out autopilot disengaged)

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Are you certainly sure that this issue was not caused by you? This could help us determine whether it is a bug or human error. Also, are you using third party applications?

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Ok I go view with that after !


Hope you find the issue, nothing more annoying!

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I don’t have used on this flight, when I make a long haul flight I don’t use that

Ok, I was asking that to check for whether VNAV was activated through a voice command. Now we can determine whether it was a bug or human error.

He was sleeping . How could he have turned it on.
Message @appeals and I hope they can get these removed. An app issue shouldn’t cost you a grade 5

I’ll just summon one of them. @AdamCallow

Your replay states when VNAV is turned on/off.

Please share the replay with us.

Also, no need for the tag. I was typing here already :)


Unfortunately when I go watch on the replay I view that I have delete all of my replay I mean I make that all the time because I don’t have a lot of storage !

How could your vnav turn on and off is the question of the day

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