20.2 hotfix crash

Hello everyone, so, recently I was planning a long haul from SBGR-LTFM

Basically when I joined the server, got into ATIS, then the Ground frequency, I was hearing some voice cracks, like it was freezing the voice, thought that was weird but it could be normal, also I was running the server so slowly, like the airplanes were teleporting to me and the ATC messages were just so bad. Then the app froze and the app crashed. Thought It could be an Aircraft Count problem or something.

Today I was in LFBO-LTFM mid-flight, was probably around 200nm from the destination airport. I was just looking at the camera angles to appreciate that A350, that thing is BEAUTIFUL, great work

When I changed from normal to tail camera, the app froze and crashed again. I was a bit confused bcs I was nowhere near to heavy traffic and my airplane count was low. Didn’t think about the graffics issue because I already checked the tail camera a few times on that flight.

Hope you guys understand,

Thank you

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  • Does this happen on every flight? Can you reproduce it?
  • When it crashes does the app just close or did you get a message that says “Infinite Flight has Stopped”
  • Can you verify what device you have?
  • Yes, since yesterday when I got the hotfix on my device
  • it just closes on its own
  • iPad 6th generation, iOS 14

You can reproduce this crash on every flight?

Flying, going to the cameras, changing them, etc?

Until now yes, every flight, yesterday spawned 4 or 5 times in SBGR, crashed on all these times, today only did 1

What have you done as far as troubleshooting have you done? Have you rebooted in between, what are your graphics settings?

I know you have posted before about crashes and I am starting to wonder if maybe you are running some options too high for your device and it it running out of resources and the OS killing the app.

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Did 2 restarts yesterday, still with problems, everything on high, tested on medium yesterday but still got a app crash

Yeah it is indeed a option, but I don’t think that is the problem, because I only got the app crashes, in 20.2 and 20.2.1, after installing the update and/or 1 or 2 days after it.

In 20.2 official, after 2 days I guess, it stopped, even got to LAX on Saturday. I guess you guys helped me, I think it was seb, not sure tho

@Chris_S was doing a quick test in LTFM rn, still got the crash, I did restarted the device before the test

Same problem, the app froze and close

Have you tried low graphics?

Bottom line is that it is running out of system resources and the OS is killing it. Cameras take up many resources and your device may be struggling to keep up with the demand. It will really come down to what is running on your device. No 3rd party apps, stopping other apps before your flight, etc. Basically the same stuff that was talked about on your previous topics.

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Another test done, this time graffics low and count on high.

Crashed in the same way.

Don’t think it’s a airplane count problem bcs already did the test on the “low” option, and it still crashed

The thing im confused about was that the device was running on all high perfectly before the hotfix

If it’s okay, I’m going to jump onto the bandwagon to say that I’m having the same issue. I was about 420nm away from my destination on a LSZH-KBOS flight just now when my screen froze over Gander (it wasn’t responsive to my touching it, but didn’t crash when I exited out of the application multiple times to check my messages.) I left my device on a table for 5 minutes after that, open to IF, and it had quit. The thing is, I had my graphics on low (due to the large number of people crossing the Atlantic then) and my count on medium (my brightness was at its minimum level). No apps were running in the background when the app crashed, and I had about 1 gigabyte of space left on my device. Is there anything that I did wrong here?

I’ve never had an app crash because when I know that an airport is full then I just change my settings to low graphics and airplane count to none or low.

Hi, this topic is not about vnav. If you would like to report an issue please submit a new topic in #support, thank you.


On your system, it appears that I crashed or no and it may be a device issue?

We haven’t received any crash reports from your device since October 26th.

What i think may be going on here though, is that something is not right on your install.
So i would advise you to do the following:

  • Uninstall Infinite Flight from your device
  • Restart your device
  • Reinstall Infinite Flight from App Store.

After that, i start on medium graphics settings in general.


Okay, I’ll try that.

Thank you for your attention Chris and Schyllberg.

Did that and no problems by now

Thank you for the help and attention

This can now be closed

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