20.2 Glitches

Every time i fly a airplane in the new 20.2 (all airplanes) i glitch out. Now, i know there is a few bugs that need to be fixed, but cmon man! i’ve been flying for like 15 hours and then i glitch out. i am currently using a iPad pro new version (latest iPad) pro. not to be mean, but i’m only wasting 15 hours of something that will kick me out. i’m basically wasting time with this simulator. i think i’m getting the new Microsoft flight sim. The glitching i am experiencing is using all planes around the Frankfurt area. i tried to do a flight from JFK to Frankfurt, but i got glitched. i dont know what is happening. i have been restarting my iPad so much that im only doing it to have great graphics. I really dont know what is happening, but i think its the new 20.2 bugs. if you dont mind, you can fix the bugs.

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Very sorry to hear about your experience – would you mind clarifying what you mean by “glitch out”?

Correct. Thanks!


Can you provide some more context around the ‘glitching’ you are experiencing? What is happening exactly?

Also be sure to include some detail on iOS version and any other background apps you may be running

Im really new to making topics. im so sorry.

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No worries, we’ve all been there. What happens when the app “glitches”? Does it crash, is there some specific bug that you’re seeing, etc. The better the detail, the better we can help you.

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It crashes.

It freezes, and it glitches me out and crashes my iPad.

Did you try restarting your device?

I’ve did it millions of times-

I also deleted infinite flight and Reinstalled it. i think my prediction is that its the new 20.2 new 777s.

It’s probably the new update. I’ve just had this happen on a long haul where it crashed when I tuned into approach with the new B77W. Don’t worry. This happens when you have a new update. I’m sure you won’t have this many app crashes once your device gets used to the new update

Also, a hotfix was just announced for the 20.2 update. Do you have that installed as well?

Exactly. i just did a flight now from istanbul to frankfurt. and then the app freezed and crashed. ive also tried to fly turkish airlines from istanbul to london heathrow. and it crashed again.

No. how do i do it?

Go to your App Store. And it should say update. Click on where it says update so it’s gets installed to your device

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Alright. i will beta test the B777 for glitches and bugs.

Ok got it! Hope your game doesn’t crash anymore! 😁

Thank you! i will text ya the news (here) if it works or not. thanks!😁

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It might be worth dialling down some of your settings to see if that helps the situation. Particulary ‘Live Count’, ‘anti-aliasing’ and and ‘Limit Frame rate’

If you can share your settings during crash that might help troubleshoot


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K. thanks!