20.2 Beta: An International Adventure

My first beta flight on the 77W was amazing on the expert server from CYYZ 🇨🇦to KLAX 🇺🇸. A 4½ hour long flight . Here are some photos

Takeoff from Toronto with @CaptainJ in the background in another Air Canada 77W and a Delta A350 in the background

Using the new drone camera above lake Huron

Starting our decent into KLAX

Coming up on the airport

On final runway 25L

Touchdown! With a BA 744 in the background (RIP 747)

Slow down buckaroo

Taxing to the gate

It was a very great flight with a very smooth landing. Although unfortunately IF crashed after the last picture

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I know everyone is jealous about the beta testers

Oh boy @Aviation2929 these are great photos!


Why thank you Billy for the kindness

Nice photos!

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I read the title too fast and I thought it said “Internal Adventure.”
I was like “Ok, sounds interesting.”

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Yes I am jealous lmao