20.1 Update FAQ Thread

After many months of patiently waiting for the 20.1 update, it is finally here! To help users get accustomed to the update, I have written a simple FAQ thread with the most common questions raised during the beta testing phase and some questions which have been asked already since the release of 20.1. I hope that users find this useful.

This thread is also a “work in progress” as I cannot anticipate all the questions which can be asked, so I’ll update the thread periodically to reflect new questions raised by the community. If you want to suggest a question to add to this FAQ, you can either PM me or leave a comment. You are also more than welcome to ask questions on this thread so other users and myself can help you out. Please also excuse the horrible graphics, it’s not my strong point, but I had to put some pictures here to make it more eye-catchy. This update is one of the most significant updates since Global, and I am so excited to be a part of this community during this time.

Special thanks to @Captain_Zen, @Thunderbolt and @Matt for proofreading this thread.


Where can I find the detailed list of all the features coming in 20.1?

You can find the detailed list of all the features coming in 20.1 in the official release notes here:

Infinite Flight Releases 20.1

I don't understand the new violation system. Where can I find more information about it?

You can find a detailed explanation of the new violation system on the official Infinite Flight blog here:

Infinite Flight Gives Up The Ghost

Will my violations/ghosts/reports be cleared for 20.1 to give me a clean start?

No, your prior violations/ghosts/reports will not be cleared for 20.1.

What should I do if I want to appeal my Level 2/3 Violations?

To appeal your Level 2/3 Violations, please send a message to @ appeals. Make sure to fill in all the necessary details.

Can I appeal Level 1 Violations through the process outlined above?

No, you cannot appeal Level 1 Violations through the process outlined above. Level 1 Violations are system generated, and unless there is a technical error with the app, your violations will not be considered for appeal.

In the extremely rare circumstance if you believe there was an error regarding your violations, please send a message to one of the staff members along with your replay, callsign and display name.

Some examples of not valid reasons for the appeal of Level 1 Violations:

  • Another person touched the app and disengaged the autopilot while I was away.
  • I did not know about the existence of Level 1 Violations.
  • I feel frustrated, and I just want them removed.
  • I used the VNAV feature to descend and did not monitor the speed.
I have lost my Grade! What are the new Grade requirements, and why were they changed?

You can find all the information regarding the new Grade requirements on the following link:

Infinite Flight’s New Grade Requirements


What is the new Center frequency and what is its purpose?

The new Centre frequency allows Air Traffic Controllers to control planes flying between FL180 and FL600. To find more information about the Center frequency, please check out this official tutorial:

6.6 Center | Infinite Flight

What happens if a Center controller contacts me while I'm flying through their airspace? Will I be issued a violation? (Expert Server only)

No, you will not be issued a violation. A new feature for controllers which is coming in 20.1 will allow controllers to see if you are away from your device (as well as for how long). If you are away from your device, you will be left alone. Any collisions between you and another aircraft will be assumed accidental.

If you are arriving in an airport which is in the Center’s airspace, please do not ask for services and then leave your device. After initial contact with the Center controller, you will be expected to be at your device and follow their instructions.

What is D-ATIS, and how can I access it?

D-ATIS is a written (digital) form of the current ATIS. Instead of tuning into a frequency to listen to ATIS, in 20.1, pilots can view the ATIS in its digital way in the WX tab of an opened airport. To see D-ATIS, tap on an active airport and navigate to the “WX” tab. Here you’ll be able to see the METAR, any TAFs and the D-ATIS. The good thing about D-ATIS is that you can see it from anywhere, regardless of how far you are from the airport.

How do I and what does "REQUEST DESCEND VIA STAR" mean?

It’s pretty simple! Once you have inputted your STAR into your flight plan, you will unlock the option to ask to descend via the said STAR on the Approach and Center frequencies. Only request this option around 2-3 minutes before TOD (Top Of Descend), this is the point just before you begin your descend. After requesting this option, you will be given a clearance to descend via your STAR. This means you’ll be following all the waypoints and their altitudes towards your desired airport and runway. Be aware that controllers CAN deviate you from you STAR for reasons like traffic avoidance.

SIDs, STARs & Oceanic Tracks

What are SIDs and STARs and how do I use them in Infinite Flight?

All the information you may need is found in these respective tutorials:

Standard Instrument Departure (SID) Navigation | Infinite Flight

Standard Terminal Arrival Route (STAR) Navigation | Infinite Flight

What are NATs and PACOTS, and how do I use them in Infinite Flight?

North Atlantic Tracks (NATs) are daily high altitude transatlantic routes between western Europe and the eastern coast of North-America, which provide consistent separation between aircraft. Westward tracks are named incrementally from the beginning of the alphabet (A,B,C…), with the northernmost tracks named first. Similarly, eastward tracks are named incrementally from the end of the alphabet (Z,Y,X…), with the southernmost tracks named first. Daily updates for each direction allow for routing around weather systems and tracking of favourable tailwinds to improve efficiency.

Pacific Organised Track System (PACOTS) tracks are daily high altitude pacific routes between eastern Asia and the western coast of North-America. Eastward tracks are named numerically (1,2,3…). Similarly, westward tracks are named incrementally from the beginning of the alphabet (A,B,C…). Daily updates for each direction allow for routing around weather systems and tracking of favourable tailwinds to improve efficiency.


In order to use them, you simply add the Track to your flight plan and all the waypoints for that specific Track will be added. For a detailed explanation on how to add NATs, PACOTs, SIDs or STARs, see the previous tab.

Whenever I want to change a waypoint on my SID and/or STAR, the green outline disappears. Why is this?

In order to maintain consistency between pilots and controllers, SIDs and STARs have to be exactly like what the simulator provides you. ATC can only see established SIDs and STARs in their unedited format, so allowing a pilot to edit their SID and/or STAR to their liking may cause issues for controllers. You may still edit your SIDs and/or STARs, but be aware that controllers will not be able to issue any commands to you regarding your SIDs and/or STARs. Commands like “Descend via STAR123” will be unavailable to you, Approach & Center controllers if your STAR is broken and does not have a green outline.

Please note: As a pilot, you can still change the altitudes at given waypoints if they are incorrect as that will not break the SID/STAR. Only changing/adding/removing waypoints will break the SID and/or STAR.

I do not see the option to request a descend via a STAR in my ATC menu. Why is this?

You must have a complete and an unedited STAR in your flight plan in order for you (and ATC) to see this option. This means the STAR must be outlined in green. If you changed your STAR and want to revert it back to its original form, you must select the STAR again from the PROC menu as if you were adding a STAR for the first time. Remember to delete your old STAR waypoints in order not to have duplicate waypoints.

Can I use Simbrief/FPLtoIF to input SIDs and/or STARs into the simulator like I used to?

Yes and no. You can use Simbrief/FPLtoIF like you used to, but the simulator will not recognise SIDs and/or STARs which have not been selected from the app itself.

A workaround is as follows:


  1. Use Simbrief/FPLtoIF like you used to and generate a flight plan.
  2. Copy the flight plan.
  3. In Infinite Flight, select a SID you want to depart with. This is the SID that is generated by Simbrief/FPLtoIF and is usually shown in the information tab.
  4. Add that SID to your flight plan.
  5. Paste your generated flight plan into the search box and remove the waypoints of the SID from your copied flight plan.
  6. Select the option to add your pasted flight plan to the existing flight plan.

For STARs:

  1. Remove the waypoints of the STAR from your flight plan.
  2. Add the STAR in Infinite Flight (arrival first, then approach). The STAR to use can be found in the information tab on FPLtoIF.
What is VNAV and how do I use it?

All the information on what VNAV is and how to operate it, see the tutorial below.

Vertical Navigation (VNAV) | Infinite Flight

B777 and B737

I need help understanding the new B777 and B737 cockpits.

Brandon_K is busy making tutorials for both the B777 cockpit and the B737 cockpit. Stay tuned to see them soon!

There is something wrong with the B777/B737, where can I report this?

You can make a #support topic. Please include as much detail as possible in your report so it’s easier for the Infinite Flight team to track the issue. Make sure to search before posting to ensure that you are not posting a duplicate report.

Why does the flaperon not move on the B777?

This is a known issue. The reason why it doesn’t work is that to get flaperon working to today’s standards, it would require a different animation system which did not make into this update. That being said, it’s not out of the question that it won’t be added later :)

Why are there no seats past the first exit door on the B777?

The reasoning behind the team only adding the first set of seats on the B777 is performance. The more things there are for the simulator to load, the longer it takes and ultimately this process decreases performance. In order to accommodate all users with various devices, this decision was made.

The preview for the Austrian B772 has weird texturing.

This is a known issue and is due to the CDN not being updated. It will be fixed soon.


i have another question (if it’s allowed to ask)

why can’t i see the TOD on the NAV display?

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Because that hasn’t been implemented yet. Simple.

You can find TOD on the status bar.

i know where they are currently. i was just wondering. thanks for the answer tho

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Amazing Work! 🙌

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In the prior version, you could enter waypoints something like this into the Search field on the FPL dialog:

CYBD 5226N/12620W 5243N/12624W 5242N/12617W 5236N/12608W AJ4

In 20.1, can you include altitudes? If so, what is the format to do so?

I don’t think so. It’s not that hard to set altitudes for different waypoints :^)

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