20.1 update crashes

Just to ask is anyone experiencing any crashes whilst flying or using ATC in the 20.1 update just to check it is not just me.


i believe everyone is having these issues. Yes it is know and the devs and staff are working very hard to fix the issue

Ok cheers. Just wondering if it was just my thanks ever so much.

Random, but let’s say someone didn’t update and entered the game along with someone who DID update - would they see the new 777’s or would it still be the old ones?

It would be the old ones.

It’s the good old “crawl before we can walk”. The start of using 20.1 will be bumpy especially with so many new users trying it out. I’d give it a few days to be fully sorted.

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I expect it wouldn’t work I think they will have to update it because it is a live simulator so that everybody is caught up.

Known issue, please be patient

So I’m assuming they’d see the old 777 even though the 777 pilot would be using the new one (?)

Ok thanks it is probably that because I saw a nearly all users on training server at about 79% at its highest.

Yes because the old 777 pilot wouldn’t have the files including the updated 777. Therefore, the old 777 pilot would not be able to see an updated 777.

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Ok thanks completely forgot about that.

Maybe try avoiding crowded airspaces

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Yep i tried that but it still crashed the server I think it is just waiting for everything to smooth out and run normally.


My game just crashed just before contacting center for the first time. Hope this gets fixed.


Yep same here just got to be patient with this to run smooth.

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I’m crashing as soon as I press Fly XD

Yep I think everybody is eventually so we are just going to have to wait until it runs nicely again.

I haven’t jumped into the update yet so it’s interesting to see all the trial and error that everyone seems to be dealing with after starting 20.1 for the first time. I can wait a bit

The Game crashed just now while on final. :/

I was the only one flying In my region.
There was no traffic no nothing.