20.1 update but 19.4 update

I just went on to the app store IOS and saw IF has a update but it says it is 19.4 and when I download it. It keeps asking me to download it again. I already have 19.4 so why is it doing this?

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Mine is also not working

The update works for me. I just got it and is updating right now.

Same here mine isn’t getting it also

What time zone are you

Try the classic troubleshoot. Restart your device, or uninstall the app and re-install it.

I think you just have to wait a bit more.

It’s not updating for me! I really just want to fly it!

CST I live in Chicago

Chicago CDT.

Mine doesn’t update either… cdt

I have waited for over 5 hours. It still is not coming!

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Est Washington, D.C.

I have no patience…grrrr

This seems to be tonights trademark.

You need to shimmer down a bit people.