20.1 Space Glitch?

I remember their used to be a glitch where you go up to a certain altitude then dive bomb a airport, then you would go through the airport eventually resulting that you would be in space.

In 20.1 do you think the glitch will still be their?


It will probably be present somewhere.


I think it will be fixed personally

You might want to rename this “space glitch”

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There are numerous issues both old and new that will have been resolved (hopefully) by the time 20.1 drops into your hands.


Technically an error in the code is definitely theirs. Answering the question though the space glitch will still be present as all you need to do is get below the ground. There are many ways to do it

It would be nice if the space glitch was still around

I wish you do not fix it lol, otherwise we would not be cool pilots anymore

Who knows, this update is huge!


This is a flight simulator and not “Kerbal Space Program”… so, it will eventually be fixed. 🙃


Hopefully! Never done it, never will.
Or I did once accidentally but never intentionally 😂 that shows my
F-22 skills and how amazing I am… at crashing inti the ground 😂

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I think it will be. It also works if you just find a level piece of ground and dive with an F-22 at 90 degrees

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I hope being able to go to 115,000 feet in an XCub isn’t one of them 😶

Aww man

Can we just leave a few of them? (No ceiling for small props, space, etc)

I just tested to see if I can go to space without the glitch. I made to 200k feet then I stalled and I lost control of the aircraft until 60k feet.

Yesterday, I was checking one of my replays, then the glitch came and I flew to space.

Will we no longer be able to go up to 150,000 feet in an SR-22?

Hopefully this stays as an little Easter egg type thing in IF