20.1 release date

just asking when is the 20.1 update(B777-300ER) coming out? i was searching for other topics but all the question topics for the 20.1 update were closed.
thanks :)

  1. The 77W isn’t coming with v20.1
  1. We don’t know

Also, when you see that all other topics about v20.1 are closed, please use that as a hint not to open another one. It clogs the forum and causes an outburst of reactions. Thanks :)

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There has been many people asking this but a date has not yet been released by the devs.

Lol everyone will be triggered


We dont know when they are coming out and its the 200er that is coming with 20.1

No. One. Knows.
Asking the entire community is pointless 😂😂😂
Im so excited for the 777-200ER rework tho. Its such a beautiful aircraft.

The update will come soon. They haven’t announced an exact date.


but i thought the 777-300ER was getting opening doors

Doubt it :/

We dont know. 20.1 is coming with the 777-200ER

what about the b777-200ER

Thats got opening doors. Everything we have seen so far applies to the 200ER

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C’mon folks. Lets stop creating topics on 20.1

There’s so much more to IF that we already have. Why not enjoy that while we all wait? Please. Enough already.


oh ok thanks!

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There is no confirmation on the exact date of the release. although, the Dev’s have confirmed that it is definitely coming out this spring. So anywhere from now to the 20th of June the update is coming out. There are some estimates and best guesses to when the update is coming out, but that should be taken with a grain of salt.

The best thing to do is to be patient and wait… 😄👍


Nicely put 👌


oh ok i will do that!

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@SPEEDBIRD101 Thank you! Enjoy the community :)

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Let’s create a more welcoming environment for newer users and avoid comments like this. The user is somewhat new and may not be aware that posting these kinds of threads is not appropriate given there is an official tracking thread available which was linked by others. I know you mean well, but especially when the user is new, let’s avoid phrases like “enough already” as this is sending a not-so welcoming message to new and potential users of the forum. I hope you see where I’m coming from, safe skies :)