20.1 lagging

Hi guys.I was playing Infinite Flight on Boeing 777-200ER.I notice some lagging when I was switching my camera,moving my camera.This is information about my device.

Device name:Xiaomi Redmi 8
Chipset: Snapdragon 439
Ram and Storage:4GB+64GB
Used since February 2020

This is information about my settings on Infinite Flight.
Airplane count:Low

I hope this problem will be solved soon.

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Please read other topics before posting… This has been answered, it is due to a server overload because an awesome update has just come out… It should be back to normal in a day or two.
Enjoy the rest of your flight…
Cign :D

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its silly though that it keeps crashing, more or less saying deal with it, nothing we can do for now.

No arguments there! We’re working our behinds off though, trying to get this resolved asap!

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of course. i love the update but it can get annoying when your waiting this long for it and it lags. thank you for your time in fixing this issue

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I have the same configuration as you, the “Airspaces” do “Hide airspaces” and also if you want to use the HUD do “HUD min” personally the map is very little optimized for aircraft that do not run Infinite Flight in high graphics.