20.1 keeps crashing

So after 20.1 came out I was really excited to try it out, but every single live flight crashes. I restarted my device, turned down the airplane count, turned down the graphics, etc… I can’t even make it to takeoff without the app crashing. What’s going on?

This is due to the high server load. It’s affecting lots of people right now, I would wait and see if the servers get more stable over time. This is a mammoth release with lots of traffic

Happening to me and many others too! Wait for the servers to calm down a bit and it should start working fine. Also, for me it doesn’t crash when in the 737 so try that out :)

When do you think that will be? After 19.4 came out all the servers were at 75-80% capacity for some time.

I’m not sure, the crashing is still an issue for lots of people and people are being kicked off the servers. Because of COVID lots of people particularly where I am are still at home so I’m sure that’s just added to the traffic thus making it one of the largest releases since global.

Yeah, many people are using this quarantine as an opportunity to fly more on IF :) Will the team at IF patch this problem soon though? I’m really concerned that I won’t be able to fly for a while. I suspect the servers will remain very busy.

Are draining batteries also caused by the server overload?

Yep I’m sure they will, they also have to rely on third party partners if there are issues on the back end.

@Pilot_M it could be due to the shear performance your device is using with all the traffic and sever issues. My device was getting quite hot yesterday which doesn’t usually happen. I would wait for things to settle down and then create a support topic if nothing changes in a few days.

Okay thank you!

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@Chatta290 Thanks so much for your help!

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