20.1 keeps crashing

I felt that the answer given here in this topic: Latest 20.1 update keeps crashing!
…didn’t pertain to the crashing issue, rather it went off topic into the connectivity side of things. Let me explain my problem:

The first time I loaded in, I went to look at the aircraft from an outside view and the app crashed. I went to choose an airport before flying, and the app crashed. I refreshed the ATC list and the app crashed. I tried to load the grade table, and the app crashed. I tried to join the expert server, and the app crashed.

What can I do?

iOS, iPad 2018

The app is experiencing issues. Our staff is working very hard to get the servers back up and running. Please be patient. We’ll be flying again soon enough!😁

This is a known technical issue at the moment and the developers are working as fast as possible to resolve it.

More information can be found here. Thank you for your understanding and your patience.