20.1 hotfix problem

Hello Infinite Flight is still crashing just as much as before the hotfix, actually more Before the hotfix for 20.1 crashes it crashed when I was making my FPL and now it crashes before or as soon as I open up the map, can someone please help with this because I have the settings on the lowest possible and I am not flying a 777 And it’s more laggy than before the hotfix.


What worked for me is doing a soft restart before I launch IF. Are you on iOS?

If I do that, it works perfectly.

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I a am on IOS

This is a known issue and the developers are looking into it to try and fix it. Also take note of what @anon38496261 said.

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Does your device have a home button?

Yes it does.

Alright. So,

Hold down the power button until “slide to power off” shows up. Then hold down the home button until it asks for your passcode. Your device has just been soft restarted. It shouldn’t crash or at least it’s pretty unlikely.

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Okay thankyou I won’t be able to respond because I am doing that.

Let me know how it goes 👍

I didn’t work it still crashed while loading the map.

Hmm… maybe try restarting the whole device. Hold down the power button until the slider shows up but this time, slide it, wait a minute or so, then turn your device back on.

That’s what I did.

You did the full restart? Maybe try lowering some settings in Infinite Flight. Turn “Limit Frame Rate” on, lower resolution, etc.

Also, IF has a thing on their website that might help. I’ll go get that.

Don’t worry dude - you are certainly not alone! Plenty of other users experiencing this issue.

Give these two links a read:

From what it seems, one of the crashes reproducible In Infinite Flight with the 20.1 Update occurs at busy airports/regions with extensive (large) taxiway maps! If you can, start a flight from a remote airport up in Northern Canada (or some other remote place in Infinite Flight) and see if your app still crashes. Turn on ‘Low Power Mode’, Disable ‘Anti-Aliasing’and lower your ‘Airplane Count’ and make sure to restart your app prior to this flight. Does it still crash?

@anon38496261 gave you some good tips, but overall; it seems that the hotfix fixed a majority of issues but that some issues still remained present - like this one here. I’m sure the Staff and Development Team will be taking a closer look into the issue that is causing this as there’s still a handful of Infinite Flight users experiencing constant app crashes.

Bare with the team on this one. They are trying their hardest and working nonstop to fix these issues! Feel free to contact Infinite Flight’s Support Staff directly to discuss further options over at support@infiniteflight.com! Best of luck!


Oh man you totally knocked that out of the park 😂

Here’s the link because I worked so hard to go find it.

Anyway, yeah, you’re not alone. The servers are also way overhyped right now, so they’re kinda crashing. The devs are hard at work trying to build them stronger :)


So I had the anti aliasing off everything on low and airplane count on none and it still crashed I was flying from lfpg though

Dude same for me this “crash-fix” didn’t do anything and I literally tried everything and it is still crashing just as bad.

Oh it’s crashing even worse than before the hot fix

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Okay looks like it’s not crashing anymore even on high graphics, thanks for the help guys, this can be closed now.

I’m having the same problem too. I can barely even fly. It’s a bit better in ATC, but still crashes a lot. I would occasionally have a crash before the update, but not it is happening every flight, and I am lucky to even get 5 minutes in. Also the game crashes regardless of which plane I fly in. Please fix this, I love IF, and really want to just fly.