20.1 Hotfix Now Available

Great to hear!

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Thanks😂. I literally just laughed out loud haha


I did too.

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I’m still having crashes of the app even after the hotfix, all my settings are on low but has soon as I zoom out the map the app crashes. I’ve completed a flight of 3.40hrs without touching the map and it went well. But It’s very difficult to fly without planning ahead your landing especially when wind have changed the runway in use. The issue to me comes from the map. Please have a look. Thanks again for the amazing work!

I’ve experienced crashes twice today… once at about 4,5 hours into a flight (10 mins from landing) then one straight after when planning a new flight… a shame as I was really looking forward to getting back to the sim after this update!

Hey @Samviation!

Sorry about this.
What you can do, that will most likely help here - is to disable airspaces on the map. This can be done by just tapping the cogwheel next to the map, then “Hide all airspaces”. We’re looking at a bottle neck in terms of performance there…

I believe it could be similar for you @Dan_Warwick - in addition to previous recommendations when it comes to lowering graphics + airplane count.

Trust me, people… we know this is far from optimal. There’s still a few of you that are still having a lot of issues and we would really like to get to the bottom of it. We have made some great progress over the past days since the first hotfix was released so hopefully we can ship something more stable in the next hotfix.

As always, can’t say when that will be yet.


The app for me has been runinng smoothly lately

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I am using iPad Air 2. Should I get a new iPad now or just wait for the next fix? I have my plane count on low but I don’t want to play on low quality.

Thanks @schyllberg works fine after your tips :D
Just took off from Paris to Lisbon on Air France 1624!

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So I’ve done three long hauls into completely empty airports with the a350 and it went amazing. Great stuff.

Figured I’d try the 777 now into FAOR. The game ended up crashing while on final. Minimal ATC was present, the airport was not extremely full by the usual standards that we expect. Airspace’s were disabled, yadda, yadda.

Before the broken record of troubleshooting instructions begin, I am aware of them. I always restart my device before any flight. My graphics are not lowered. Why? Because I have the latest processor for the iPad that Apple has developed and I believe with an expensive device I shouldn’t need the aircrafts in front of me to look like potato chips simply to play a mobile game. The more I read the more I see these issues now being blamed on the device a user is utilizing. Which is fine in some cases, I understand someone with a very old device should expect issues - games improve and demand more. Older devices should obviously be expected to have issues given the processing power these new and improved features require.

Where I completely disagree and have begun to severely discredit the team here is where I see people who pay $80 a year and have invested over $600 into a brand new device be told “lower your graphics because your device can’t handle our improvements”. You guys refuse to go to PC but yet make a product that from the looks of it, is slowly becoming less and less playable on mobile devices. The Global aspect of this game is fascinating and blows any other game out of the water. But the fact you can only enjoy it if you have your graphics basically turned off is legitimately ridiculous. I will continue to play. My year long sub expires this coming month and I will renew but not for a year as I have done in the past; simply for flexibility. I’m hopeful that you guys knowing a paying customer is severely unhappy with your product is more of an incentive to fix the problems than to hear me say the usual “I won’t be playing your game anymore” which seems to be thrown around here all too liberally.

Congrats on the newest improvements. They are amazing and truly game changing and you guys deserve credit for the hard work it’s obvious you all have put forward - I just wish I could actually utilize them.


If I could like your comment 5x’s, I would.
What’s the point in buying a $600+ device just to play with lower graphics
And what’s the point in requesting more high end features?
Project metal this, project metal that but who knows how long that will take and if it’ll truly improve performance significantly.
And developers have been awfully vague about the next hot fix for days now. Would be nice to have a timeline or a thorough explanation of what they’re doing BTS to fix it


Idk if it’s just me but even after the hot fix, my device still crashes. I have an iPad 6th generation.

I’ll start by saying that If you have a recent device (~2 years old or less), it shouldn’t crash in Solo and shouldn’t crash in Live with a reasonable number of visible aircraft (start with Medium and work your way up). If it does, there is a bug we missed and we will do everything we can to fix it in a timely manner.

Why is it crashing?

  • The 777 is significantly more detailed than any other aircraft we have done in the past. More details = more RAM usage.
  • We added a lot more details to the map which is using significantly more RAM.
  • The increased RAM requirement puts IF over the edge of what a device with 1GB of RAM can handle which result in more crashes on older devices (we are talking 5-6yo devices).
  • Last week we had our all time highest number of simultaneous users. We did add more servers in anticipation but it ended up making things worse due to caching issues. The issue caused many delays and crashes.
  • Many new features means more bugs: we had a long beta period but it is impossible to catch all bugs.

What are we doing about it?

  • Most server issues were fixed last week.
  • We are looking at every crash report we capture and working on those in the order of # affected users. Some are easy fixes, some are more complex because hard to reproduce.
  • I am personally looking at map RAM usage since it seems to be much higher than necessary.
  • We are fixing a bunch of small issues that might cause higher battery usage on long flights.
  • We might consider having an Open Beta in the future. This is a very strong maybe but something we will be looking into.

What can you do about it?

  • Make sure you have the latest update before reporting any bug
  • If you encounter a crash try to find a way to reproduce it consistently:
    • Try to reproduce in Solo
    • Try to reproduce with different graphics settings and/or disable the display of other aircraft in Live
    • Confirm with other community members
  • Report the issue on the forum with as many details as you can. A detailed report that include a way to reproduce consistently can be fixed very quickly; don’t forget device make model and OS version!

Rest assured that we are working tirelessly to address all issues. It is as frustrating to us than it is to you. We will release another patch release as soon as we can (probably this week or next week at the latest). Also our next minor release (20.2) will be focused on quality and performance improvements.


Thanks for all the debs working hard to solve all the issues In IF

See ya in the skies!

Thanks for the reply! May I suggest something? A thread dedicated to logging crashes from us. You guys set a template with what information you need and users who experience a crash post within the thread with the requested info in template form. NO ADDITIONAL POSTS, ETC IN AN EFFORT TO REDUCE CHIT CHAT. Simply a thread that can be stickied to remain at the top with crash information that cuts down on new threads being created.


That’s a good idea

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Things are going to be even more laggy if you use an old device for example when they will add all those new things and other 777s isn’t the solution just improving device requirements or get a more recent device? Personally I got one just for infinite flight. Or just try to do long hauls during the day so you can reduce things and avoid crashing.
Or avoid traffic.

When is the 777 content update coming? I know it said it will be pushed automatically but looks like I haven’t received it yet.

I really appreciate having an insight into this! Everything makes a lot more sense haha

Yes and I think before complaining more people should think about that. To be honest we are extremely lucky to have as few bugs as we do. The amount of “crash to desktops” I’ve had (even on decent specced or higher specced) PC’s with desktop sims far surpasses the IF crashes I’ve had even on my older devices (and I play IF more, so the ratio of crashes to flights is even better).

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He is asking about 20.1 as it doesn’t seem to have updated for him