20.1 Hotfix Now Available

There’s a still problem going on IF when I open map it crashes the app.

I have a 7 and it is a little glitchy when switching cameras. I had to exist the app to turn off the alarm and then it stopped the flight and put me on the home page. It never happened before. I only exited for 2 seconds.

That’s likely the OS killing the IF app due to high CPU usage.

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iPhone 12 pro here I come

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what do you mean by “most of these are related to available resources on your device”

We’re finding that a large number of crashes are because the settings are set too high for the device, causing the app to be killed by the system for using too much memory (RAM).

We’re trying to isolate issues on our end, but the first action should be to try lowering settings in Infinite Flight -> Graphics:

And lowering aircraft count in Live settings (on the same link as above)


App is still crashing after the hotfix, I am using iPad air 2.

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as Cam just said your graphic setting might be too high for your device.

I set it to medium

then you might need to turn it down more. Im not an expert but i play on the same device on all high settings and it works perfectly fine

It would look really ugly then. I guess I would just buy a new device if needed.

My IF hasn’t crashed never, but in the new version the game lags a lot for me, even in the map.

I have 4gbram and 64 of space

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Have you adjusted graphics settings? Read the post by Cameron 👆

I’ve attempted to fly today 3 times from Atlanta on the ES with my Aircraft count on low my graphics all to the low. And all of them ended with a crash.
First one when the flight loaded it crashed right away while tuned to ATIS.
Second and third crashed while I was taxiing to runway 08R.

The screen gets hammer for about 20 secs but the audio keeps running. And then it crashes.

I’m using the Samsung S6 Edge 128GB, 3GB ram Android 6.1

I believe they would need another fix. Since even people with high end device is struggling.

Turn Anti aliasing off in settings if you haven’t already.

Are you running any third party apps? Or have apps running in the background?

Make sure you are not using any Samsung or Android game enhancer or battery saver. Battery saver alone can make a huge drain on performance.

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I flew since the last update and no crash. I m using Ipad Pro. I think is the device capacity to support the new update the problem.

I have the anti aliasing on and restart my device before flying and clear my ram. I was using third party apps long before 19.4 was out. But stopped since it was draining my battery a lot. I also disable the YouTube app, Gmail, outlook, and social media apps before flying so that I don’t receive any annoying or distracting notifications.

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Do you think 6gb of ram is enough?

How do I know if I have enough RAM for my iPad?