20.1 Hotfix Now Available

It did “kind of” but it doesn’t anymore. Probably a glitch or something that was added by mistake

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I have the same issues. I have been trying to do flights on my iPad 6th gen and it continues to crash.


The devs are aware of this at this point idk wheter it may be a server issue. Cause the map and callsign issue havent happened for me ever

Good work! I hope the hotfix is going well to make sure that everything is working properly.
I am also looking forward to see more solved issues after the 20.1 update such as this issue:

I’ve just downloaded the fix but on first load the app crashed again. Running IOS on an IPad Mini 2.

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Hello everyone!

We are aware that some of you are still having a lot of crashes even with the hotfix.
In general, it seems like most of these are related to available resources on your device.

Bear in mind that there are A lot more traffic on the servers right now, than it usually would & the 772ER is a bit more detailed than our previous models. And i do suspect that most of you are eager to spawn in the middle of it all, where it’s packed.

It is therefore extremely important that you keep your graphics settings & airplane count in check. They may need to be lowered to settings lower than you’re used to.

Laura is for example, currently airborne with an iPhone 6S and have been for 14-15 hours now.

We will however continue investigate potential issues related to performance and will if necessary, drop another hotfix of course.


Not really sure if this is related but I was just completing a flight from LAX to CDG in the new 777, and I noticed that throughout the flight my connection to the live servers, weather, etc kept going in and out quite frequently. It got even worse on my descent and approach into CDG, to the point where the runway markings weren’t even loaded (so it was just a blank strip of pavement), and the plane somehow crashed soon after landing while vacating the runway. I’m just wondering if this is due to the strain on the servers as a result of the new update or if this is on my end (i.e. poor connection even though I just got a new wifi router)? Thanks :)

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Hey @dylan_dylan31

It should not be related, no. The servers that relates to the Live, weather & API are completely separate and hosted differently from the Global server which handles scenery, airport tiles and so on. So based on your description, it was most likely something going on with your internet connection. Difficult to tell exactly what it could be though, as there’s a lot of various connection points.


When I am cruising there is nothing going wrong… Why when i am going to land with B772 in multiplayer the app gets very badly lagging and the lag increases and the device gets ascendingly hot as I approach and come near the airport until landing…

No background apps were active when I’m playing though and my cellular data were also strong @Chris_S @schyllberg

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This may be because your graphics settings are too high for your device. When you are approaching the airport, the simulator needs to render the airport as well as plane models if there are any which increases the workload of your device. Try turning down your settings and see how things go. Make sure to start with Anti-Alisiasing as it is one of the most resource greedy graphics settings.

Hello! Does this include the map causing crashes? I had been flying a long haul, and running my graphics on high and airplane count high overnight with low power mode on (IF low power mode) and it was functioning fine, yet when I decided to check out someone else’s route on the map, my screen froze, and then the game crashed. Will this be fixed in the next hot fix?

Hi guys! Before the hotfix was released I was also having the issue where the app kept crashing. However, the hotfix hasn’t fixed that issue for me. Even now, when I start a flight and open the map, when I scroll the map towards the Atlantic Ocean to access the Oceanic Tracks, it just crashes. This happens every time I try looking at the tracks.
Instead of doing a transatlantic flight, I did short hauls and everytime after touchdown, the app crashed.

I am using an iPad 6th Gen. Rendering quality, resolution and texture quality are all on low, anti-aliasing is off and limit frame rate is on. Airplane count is also on medium. I even tried reinstalling the app but it didn’t help. I always restart the device before every flight, I have a stable internet connection and no other apps are open in the background. I also have 10+ GB of storage free on this device.

Please let me know how to fix this situation.

Thank you!


A lot of us already have our settings really low and still the app crashes. Some of us have the latest devices and still the app crashes. Hope dev and team fix this soon


Is there still problems with the s10?

Same here bro hoping for a solution really soon so I can enjoy flying again

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I’ve just looked through all of your post and you’ve not mentioned once what kind of device you have :)
Not putting any blame on you here as it’s a generic problem, but the fact that people are posting topics all over the place without even mentioning what they are using… is extremely frustrating in these cases.

@Ricards_Ozolins - on the Exynos version, yes.


A lot of people continually mentioning their device over and over again.

And a lot of people don’t ;)
We’re working on the ones that are, but if you’re commenting over & over again in various topics without providing some basic information… it’s not helping.


@Legomaniac - Yes & no. One thing we would like to know about your case, if you notice any improvement if your turn off “Show airspaces”.

Same for you @Captain_FL - can you try turning off “Show airspaces” and see if there’s an improvement?

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Also, if I may add to my previous post, in the few seconds that I am able to view the Atlantic Oceanic Tracks, lately I haven’t been able to see Track Z. I can only see Track A.

Thank You!