20.1 draining battery fast


Since 20.1 it has been draining my iPad Pro 2017 battery quickly. My device is also plugged in. My ipad also gets pretty warm.



This is due to the server overload currently happening. The devs are trying to fix it and you shouldn’t have problems once the servers have calmed down.


Okay thank you but I had no problem connecting to the server a few min ago.

After a hotfix update my battery should be fine? Because I am not having server issues atm


I have the same issue, I hope my battery won’t get affected

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Either server overload, or the resource load on hardware. My iPad literally becomes an oven so I won’t be doing any long hauls still.

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With the issue of overheating device impacting battery make sure you are allowing your device to have plenty of air circulation. Leaving it on a flat surface lowers the surface area that is exposed to the air that allows it to cool. This happened even before on my 6th gen iPad even before 20.1 if my device didn’t have any air access to the rear. I overcame this by using an unplugged quick charge puck to elevate my device so much of the surface is exposed to the air.

Additionally, always make sure your sound and brightness is turned all the way down during cruise. This prevents the device from heating up also and uses less of the battery allowing the charge being received to be greater than the charge being used.

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Thank you for your reply. My device is on a flat surface but the battery issue has to be the update. 19.4 didn’t change anything for my battery but since 20.1 my battery has been draining. More ppl have this problem.

Have a nice day!

I thought this was due to the new features of 20.1 and not the overload thanks for calming me down.

Dev did the best update haha, that why people load a lot the servers !

I havent had the battery issue on my IPad Pro while on a LAX-Sydney flight but my god the ipad is hot as heck. Graphics right now are set to low, brightness is set to low and no sound. I have it on a stone countertop which usually helps keep my iPad nice and cold during the long haul flights but not this one. The low graphics I feel help a bit compared to medium or high which I noticed make the iPad super hit (ive actually been waiting for the overheating warning from IOS to kick in).


Apparently its because of the high server load. It should calm down in the next few days


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