20.1 crashing

I keep on getting in a flight or control ATC. The app just crashes randomly. It never happened before the update. Will it be better tomorrow? I’m in the app and next thing i know I’m on my home screen where i see all my apps.

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Restart your device and see if that makes a difference, unless you have already

Part of the issue is probably the server but also check your settings, you may need to reduce them a tad.

Hey, there are some issues currently and the devs are working on it. Meanwhile try restarting your device, that worked for me.

I have already

Logging back in has been known to work recently, but will be very slow. I would just be patient and let the devs figure this one out. :)

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Make sure that you have (a lot of) available space on your device. Also, make sure that you clear the cache in the game (you can do that in settings) (this will free up some space). Also, along with that, make sure that all resolutions, rendering levels are at low, and aircraft count is at none. After all of that, it shouldn’t crash anymore.

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I just had a crash happen to me as I was climbing out of san Jose flying to reno in a 737

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