20.1 crashing on older iOS devices

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to ask why my app crashes on 20.1 after like 10 minutes every time, this would only happen like after 2 hours in 19.4, but I though Infinite Flight covered this issue already and fixed it. I am running IF on an iPhone 6 Plus by the way

I tried it on Solo flight as well, and it also crashed instantly, surprisingly the live server lasted longer than the solo flight somehow

Please answer me

Its is due to a server overload just wait for the update craze to be over and all will be fine! Happy Flying :D
The IPhone 6S is getting on the older side now with its processor and RAM!

Ok thank you!

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It’s an iPhone 6 PLUS btw

Maybe try do what we did in 19.4 Tower View/ HUD.

what do I do?

Like either put your camera in “Tower” or “HUD”

ok then ill try that

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