20.1 Crash

I did 2 flights and in both it just crashed when I was on short final


I am having the same issue but not traffic related after flying for 14hrs I got disconnected of live servers everything was ok except live server and the game crashed . 😤.

Device: iPad 7 th Gen 3GB RAM

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My infinite flight keeps crashing too, wish there was a fix. I have a ipad air 2, it’s never done this before since the newest update.

Hey, @anon70772274!

The phone should be fine. The app is crashing because a lot of people want to play the game and 20.1, and not everyone can do a full flight. The dev team is working on it, and should be ready soon :)

Hopefully this is a solution :)

It keeps crashing on mine too, and I’m on an iPad

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Same, my Air 2 is handling high graphics and anti-aliasing. I just have to limit frame rates.

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Me too, it just crashes out of no where often.

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So it looks like the lagging is getting better now that Heathrow is not that bussy I can move around more now just maybe wait till the server is better.

Hey guys. Thought I’d link this helpful piece of the development thread from Cameron.

A hotfix is on its way and will be here in a few days or so.

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I’m not going to play on IF until the end of the week. IF has crashed for every long haul I have done in any plane.


People, we’re communicating the circumstances around this very clearly. No need to overthink it :)

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Everything was running fine… with stuttering only at busy airports where there were like 20+ planes. But after the update, the game is crashing most of the time and is now always stuttering in airspaces with as little as 1 plane. :(

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Also mine crashed after takeoff

s10 devices have been crashing since android 10. idk what went wrong but i hate it

Driver error, probably. We’re working on that issue on one of the ends right now :)

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i’m hoping for this to be fixed because the s10+ is my main device for IF

We hope so too, trust me.

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Here is some trouble shooting:

Set airplane count too low!

I can’t thank you all at IF/FDS enough for trying so hard just to get everything working! i REALLY appreciate it!

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