20.1 Crash

I hate to be the person that says this but Infinite Flight keeps crashing on my device.

  • iPhone 6 using 12.4.6
  • Tried restarting and using the lowest settings.
  • Often crashes in high traffic or after 3.5 hours of flying but is constantly crashing now.
  • There is more than enough space on the phone.
  • I have read the previous “app crashes after x.x update” posts.

Hey! I was just having this issue actually. I tried to troubleshoot this by limiting frame rate and reducing aircraft count. So far so good at the moment I’d suggest you try the same.

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My device was already using it since it’s so old.


iPhone 6 is nearly 6 years old now so its basically at the end of its tether. I would recommend getting a newer device.

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Yes the iPhone 6 is very old unfortunately. The update has definitely had an affect on all devices some older than others are receiving critical negative performance. I’d wait a bit as they look over the situation and pivot as needed. I have an IPad Air 2 which is kind of old that is receiving this as well.

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Hello! I have a IPad Air 2, works good for me with airplane count high and graphics full. It’s just when flying the 777, in high traffic areas it crashes/lags. Hopefully a fix will come out or something. Hopeful!

And how’s that going in your pocket?

There’s no cheap but good phones out there though.

The iPhone 6 is still very common so it seems IF is failing to produce an app for most phones as is its aim.

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What evidence do you have of this: most players (including me) who had a 6 will have probably bought a newer device by now.

They are working as hard as possible to produce a suitable product for all users. Today was a huge turn up. As it dies down you should be able to not have this occur as much or at all. As always the team will look for workarounds so everyone can be happy with the new release since you are a paying customer and matter. I’m sure they are most likely working on this and have their full attention on fixing new issues like this one.


Are the fact that most people have iPhones and they aren’t willing to pay $1900 for a phone that is actually valued at $800. I mean come on there is $100 difference between an iPhone 11 Pro and a Macbook Air 2020 that’s shocking.

You don’t need the 11 Pro - my phone is the 11 which is only £800 and one of the best value phones out there.

$1,400 on a new phone? I’m not spending that amount on a new phone.

Didn’t realise you were in dollars. My bad.

All good. AUD to be exact.

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Buy the new IPhone SE… In the US it costs “only” 350$ I think. It has the A13 Bionic chip (same one as the iPhone 11) and it runs pretty smooth now that it has be optimised for Infinite Flight.

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How old is it? When is it likely to fall short of the steep phone price range IF requires?

It shipped out last month

The iPhone SE has been out since 2016.