20.1 crash question

does the game crash because of doing long hauls, or does it crash because the sim needs to load so many aircraft?


I believe that the game crashes when your device has a lot to load (eg. planes graphics) or the things you don’t see or notice too much but change the overall graphics. Obviously long hauls don’t help your situation as they are longer, and more stuff is loaded in.

So to answer your question, the game will crash because of loading things in, not just because you are flying for a long time ;)

True so i suggest you to put airplane count to low if you’re taxiing so you can see aircrafts in front of you then after take off change it to none. Personally i haven’t experienced the app crash yet.

Me too. I have almost always had airplane count on none since the update released and I have had no crashes as of yet, even on long hauls.

but since IFpro does not cost little I would like to be able to take advantage of all its features so I ask if you can kindly solve this problem because it is impossible to fly when there are so many people and I have a galaxy s10e that goes very fast with games like real racing and aerofly 2020

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I have my graphics on full, and aircraft count on very high, until cruise, where everything was set to the minimum, and screen brightness all the way down until I was resay to start thinking about descent,mwhere iy all went back to full. That worked foe me 2 out of 3 times. The time it didn’t work was the long haul. So, like said, I think LHs just don’t help the situatio, but you should be good anyhow.

Ok, I have never used Aerofly, but Real Racing is very different to Infinite Flight, they are incomparable. From what I understand, Aerofly isn’t as large as IF in terms of scenery and graphics, not global, and single player.

Neither. Unless you use a low-powered device with graphics settings too high.

Most of the crashes we’re seeing right now is related to an airspace data component.

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what are your graphic settings?

All settings on high, AA on, limit frame rate on, airplane count none.

oh wow! Device ?

iPad 2018, not the greatest device, 2 GB of ram, but it is performing very well

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My flight just crashed on final at RJTT 😔

Like schyllberg said most of the crashes aren’t related to your end, my settings were on lowest however, I think the intense airspace over Japan lead to my crash.

Ok. I dont think it has to do with graphics.
My game just crashed after almost 5 hours into flight on a brand new phone. Here’s a quick summary.
Post 20.1 i had xiomi redmi note 7 with snapdragon 660. It was too laggy even sitting on ground with 777-200er in cockpit view. But i was able to complete a flight from sydney to kolkata, india all setting low.
I got a brand new xiomi redmi note 8 pro 6gb/128gb version with ever powerful mediatek helio g90t processor.
It was my 1st flight on this phone, took of from dubai in 777-200er all setting high, went like hot knife on butter… Got to cruise, set all setting to low in cruise. Did a step climb about 1 and half hour later, all fine. 5 hr into flight did another step climb. After climbing a I was checking D ATIS and adjusting my arrival procedure when it crashed. App closed suddenly.
The point to note at the point my app crashed my all settings was on low.
I guess something to do with server than graphics.

To add another my 2nd flight on new phome was on wifi.
And the 1st one which i was able to do successfully was on tried, tested and reliable phone data.
Might be that a problem.

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What it is, is covered in the globally pinned Support FAQ ;)

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