20.1, Cleared for Departure

Aloha Everyone! Today, I did a flight from KLAX to KSFO, in the new 777-200ER! In this topic, I’ve collected 10 of the best shots I could find to share with you all today.

image 30 mins ago
image USA
image Expert

@CaptainNoGear will approve of me at the gate

Overview of me on my way to the runway

20.1, Cleared for Takeoff

First to go inverted yee

Inbound to KSFO

Final for 28s

  • Butter
  • Grease
  • classic starz bad land

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hi @BigBert10

random photo of my first takeoff


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My guy went inverted…


these are hottt lmao, nice shots

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what did you expect

Aww, you could’ve flown to KSJC :(

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but ATC tho. next flight though, SJC :D

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Lovely photos!

Inverted on expert tho? Did you get a violation?


nope. not even a warning for aerobatics. but, i was high and away from traffic.

Wow lol. Pretty impressive tho

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@anon41771314 went inverted!? Why am I not surprised…

Great photos!

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Thank you!

@Butter_Boi Thanks! smh idk why people act surprised


Indeed 😎🎖

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