20.1 Causing Sounds to Mess Up

Now whenever I do a flight in 20.1, the atc sounds often repeat themselves as if they are a broken stereo and sometimes there is a large delay for the sound to be played and it often gets cut off. Any suggestions?

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Are you at a busy airport? Sometimes at KLAX or KSFO the ATC messages will take a minute to hear since the IFATC controller is so fast outputting commands and it’s trying to read everything all at once

No I tried this at any airport and after 5 minutes the messages start to break off and repeat themselves

What device, headphones etc
I’d say to move this to #support

IPad 6th Generation No Headphones

Is your device lagging when this happens?

And beta software or anything running in the background

Yes it is, I have had all the other problems with lagging and such and nothing runs in the background

It’s likely the lag that’s causing these issues with the sound. I would wait for the server issues to calm and and then report back then if it’s still an issue.


That’s the best answer that there is for this situation currently

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