20.1 Bugs on ATC

Hey there!

Here’s a few bugs I have noticed when on ATC:

  • Request Speed still shows for aircraft on the ground

  • Further to previous, it actually seems that the menu does not change when the aircraft lands or takes off anymore

  • The new Unable command does not have a space after a full stop, so the ATC Voice says ‘Unable dot divert’ (forgot what the actual command is but you get the jist)

  • Some aircraft seem to be able to request takeoff on my frequency, for example, but their flight strip does not show up and I only get the option to On Guard them even though they can send messages to me Note: see an update with more info in my reply below

  • Randomly, some aircraft seem not to be showing on the map at all. I am hearing messages from aircraft that I cant actually see

  • I got a random crash, not sure why. Servers are all at 70% cap.

  • I’m sure you’ll have already noticed this but when controlling, the little box that appears only says “Center Open” or “Center Closed”, which isn’t very helpful

  • Not a bug, but slightly annoying; It is now possible to click on an airspace and see who is controlling it or whatever, similar to clicking on an an airport. Countless times when trying to click on an aircraft I have missed slightly and the airspace info has shown up.

  • I know you’ve already got countless reports of lagging and performance issues but I would just like to reiterate this. Even on an empty airport, the movement of the map will lag and be a bit slow.

I’m running IF on a Samsung Tab S3.

You can scroll the option that come up in that first tap on the box.

Just to confirm this is on Tower freq on training server?

Which freq is this please?

is this please? Center? if so they might be more than 270nm away from you.

Yes, TS. I double checked and it does change to landing instructions instead of takeoff instructions, but the Request Speed option does still show up either way.


Tower. They were requesting takeoff or landing.

An update on this: I noticed if I control Tower and Ground that on my side the aircraft still appears to be connected to Ground but the aircraft is able to send messages to Tower and I am still able to send messages to the aircraft on Ground.

Not 100% sure what you mean here?


Ok, thanks for the report,

We will have a look into them.

I’ve had this issue too a few times - it’s not just you!


Another bug: The new ‘no incoming traffic, divert’ command also seems to be available on Ground for some reason.

If you could update me on the switching frequency issue, I would appreciate it as it is happening fairly often and can be frustrating when trying to sequence.


We had a few people looking into that.

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