20.1 battery

Is it normal for 20.1 to be draining my battery??

device: IPad 10.5

Everything is normal from yesterday like the graphics and brightness from when IF didn’t drain my battery and it stayed stable and gained.


I’m sure that’s gonna happen, I could cook bacon on my IPhone 11 even with all low graphics using the 777


I wasn’t using the 777 I was using the B737

Well that got updated too… plus it was a huge update

Why was that reply removed? All it said was “It is usually very hot even if the graphics are low.” In a different language.

It’s an English only forum

As updates come it will strain your device more and more therefore decreasing battery for sure

Ya I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max and it’s supposed to have a great battery, but not when I play IF. It gets really hot.

I bought a fan an put it in front of my device, put graphic and screen brightness to low when cruising, volume all the way off and my phone is now nice and cool👍

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I wish I could do that but my battery still drops

For a 1 hour flight it dropped 17% while charging but it didn’t get hot

U mean battery health on IOS?

Well I have a newer iPad version and the batter was dropping really fast

Hello guys, my device its getting very, very hot. I would like to know if you are with the same problem


Just leave it plugged in while flying.

I was told that newer device have over charge protection.

No joke I put water on the back of my phone and it evaporated

My iphone XS device is also getting very hot. And after only 5 minutes
I didn’t even fly, but looked at the new features online on EHAM and it was getting very hot.

I fly using a much cheaper device (Honour 10 lite) and my device has always heated up to about 40 degrees, so what I do, is take off with full graphics (This will heat up your device) and then once in crusie, turn all settings to low, and it cools down a treat, I also fly at or overnight, when it is nice and cool.
Normally devices are made to withstand a far bit of heat as well.
Hope this helps.

I have an iPad Pro 12.9 2017 and it is also getting hot and the battery is draining fast. I was told this is due to the server issues so hopefully after an hotfix update it will be fine

I don’t know if it’s 20.1 or just my phone, but my phone was kind of going crazy. First it was warm while charging, then I unplugged it and it was still warm. I put it back on the charger and it cooled.

PS: In this past month, my battery capacity went from I think 93% to 89% (iPhone XR) and I always set graphics to low, brightness to zero, and make it night time.

im at 3% battery im flying right now while charging so far its not draining and not increasing in %

If you’re tuned into centre maybe that’s using battery idk