20.1 and Flight Planning

Hi folks - I’m so excited about 20.1’s VNAV , SIDS/STARS, and oceanic tracks that I resubscribed. So my question is - I always use simbrief and fpltoif.com for my flight planning - how will this interact with the new nav features forthcoming shortly? Thanks!


VNAV will just make your plane hit certain waypoint at certain altitudes so it doesn’t change much. Also SIDS/STARS are the arrival/departure tracks into airports and you just plug it in to your flight plan.

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Just as @Ianuccelli said above, you will be able to select the SIDS and STARS and insert them into your flight plan. You can still use outside sources like fpltoif.com or skyvector.com to plan your en-route airways though, which is what I do currently.

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Actually, do we know if we will have the latest AIRAC cycle, or the old one that simbrief has free for everyone?

Tutorials and more information will be made available when the time comes.