20.01 airport bravo, charlie etc

Are the different airport/airspace types still relevant in 20.1 update or is it just for looks on the map, and all controlled fields are just closest ring to the airport and surface to 5000ft AAL? Or are there tiers still with different altitudes for the floor and ceiling?


The airspace above each airspace will remain from surface to 5000ft AAL. Imagine a cylinder instead of the upside down wedding cake that you’d find in the real world.

Hope that helps.


Helps heaps thanks. Also stuggling to identify airport types, charlie and delta etc without tapping on the ICAO icon. Eg. Some class chalire airports in Hawaii have magenta lines and others have white lines? If possible could u please help me understand this thanks

Dark blue airspace: PHNL = Class Bravo
Light blue airspace: PHMK, PHNY, PHLI = Class D and/or Class E
Magenta airspace around and airport: PHOG = Class C
Large white line around the Hawaiian Islands = Honolulu FIR

Thank you for that. The rd e were a few charlie airports without magenta I noticed eg. NZQN so i dont know if thats indicating some other airspace specs or what?

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