2 years on the Forum

2 years on the IFC

Hello everyone, today is a very special day for me because 2 years ago today I joined the ifc. I played infinite flight a long time ago but never joined the community. It was a very good decision to join this community because it is the best community there is for any flight simulator. I would like to briefly tell you about my infinite flight away. I joined on 11/12/20 in the middle of the covid lockdown. A few weeks later I applied to my first VA, which was followed by several other VAs / VO’s. I joined IFATC at the end of 2021. For me, the IFATC is the best team in Infinite Flight so many nice people who help you in your early days as a controller and also explain things that you don’t know yet, thanks to every IFATC who helped me in my early days. On 3/4/22 I started my IFATC Radar Training, after almost 4 months of training I passed my practical test and was an IFATC Officer. And to this day, 2 years after I joined this communnity, I’m still glad I joined because there are so many nice people here and you get to know new ones every day. Thank you to everyone out there who has always supported me. Now I would like to thank a few people who have accompanied me over the years and have always helped me.

Thanks to @Jumbo-Jan you‘re a really good friend over the years. You both too @Robin3 & @XY_MAGIC , @Aiden_Forusz ❤️ thanks to @NJ24 for being my recruiter for both processes.❤️
Thanks to @Edoardo_C & @Syncline for being my local and Radar Trainer. Thanks for you patience with me 😅❤️
Thanks to @RickG , @FlyRunwayHeading , @FN60fps , @J-F_V ❤️
Thanks to @Tyler_Shelton for your work at IFATC mich appreciated by everyone! Thanks everyone else in IFATC and outside thanks to everyone!


WOW, two years already. Huge congrats on your achievements within IF. Can’t wait to see where you’ll be in one year. Until then… Happy 2 year IFC anniversary @Henrik003


Congratulations Henrik! Happy Cake Day


Congratulations Henrik! Here’s to many more years!


happy your birthday in IFC!


Congrats Henrik! It’s been super great getting to know you and you’re a great dude! ❤️ Cheers to many more!


Congrats Henrik, two years is definitely some time here. Also, thanks for tagging me! 😊


Congrats on 2 years!




It seems like you’ve enjoyed the last two years. That’s great! I haven’t been around here for the last two years 😂


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