2 year on the IFC

Hello IFC users!

Today marks the 2 year mark from when I started using the IFC! 🎉

The Community helped me a lot!
It helped me enhance my flying experience thanks to tutorials and the Quick reference guides aswell as many more.
It also helped getting my voice heard for features I wanted to see…

During this time, I managed to join the IFATC team and I’m very grateful for my recruiting process flawlessly led by @NJ24, and for my training process fabulously led by @Edoardo_C!
Thank you to both of you!

During my time in the IFC, I managed to be recruited as an Airport editor! no I won’t give you ANY info, but the future is bright

I’d like to thank everyone that was here and helped me out, and to the people who shaped my experience here: @Maxime_Flying, @Stan7, @Othman_Asli and @Luca_Mig amongst others.

I would also like to thank every moderator, every developer and everyone who makes the community what it is today!


Mathurin 🇫🇷


Wow! I just hit my 1 year today!


Thanks to you man! Flying with you is always great! 🤪


Happy anniversary, we’re “twins” I guess!!

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Congrats! A few days ago also marked my 2 years on the IFC.

Good luck with IFATC and airport editing too! I hope it’s fun.

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This is a great achievement!

🥂 to a third year!


Hey @Mathurin_Garcier ☺️

Congratulations and thank you for these two years spent with us ! And I can confirm : beautiful things will happen thanks to you. See you soon 😉💚


Happy Birthday IFC! @Mathurin_Garcier
I’m also glad to have met you knowing that we often fly together now and that we get along well. Can’t wait to fly back in voice to hear you fall out of your chair laughing ;)

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Good thing you didn’t leak the concord development

This is a joke

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Happy cakeday, Mathurin! I wish you well in your future endeavors within Infinite Flight.

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Congrats on 2 years 🎉, hopefully more years to come 🤞

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Nice ! I just hit my 6 day anniversary today :0

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I’ve got another (close) twin! Happy belated IFC birthday!

365 days to go! I’m already on my way…

No doubt about that! See you soon!

Now this is a secret 😉

I’m a good boy ! 😂

Thank youu ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you aswell ❤️❤️❤️

Happy weekiversary! You’ll see, the IFC is a great place to be and hangout! Just follow the rules and the ride will be smooth…

❤️❤️❤️Love you all ❤️❤️❤️


6 days in a week now 🤔
Lets remove Monday from the list, noone likes Monday

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