#2 Worlds Hardest Approaches - WMBT

Worlds Hardest Approaches [WMBT} - GPS 20

Welcome to the second Worlds Hardest Approaches. This time where going to Pulau Tioman and landing GPS runway 20. Have fun & try it out!

IMAGE: Pulau Tioman Airport - A guide to the only airport in Tioman

IMAGE: http://blog.flyinasia.com/tag/chart/



I’d follow the coastline of the island so when I turn final it’s easier.

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Yea I do the same. Apparently that approach is used for aircraft the size of a Cessna.

It’s so much easier to follow the green line I’ve drawn:

(the small area of land covered on the diagonal base leg is confirmed to be low lying areas. Following that exact line is possible although improvisation may be necessary.)

In my opinion, the green route is safer for larger props for several reasons:

  • Longer base leg
  • gives you more time to do final preparations and configurations.
  • Shallower base turn
  • is much easier.
  • longer final
  • more time to level out.

So true, the only airliner I’ve been able to fly in was the dash.


Im new here but this is one of my favourite approaches i fly the same approach but in either an a320 ERJ-175-195 or dash 8 with a much steeper turn 100m away from the foot of the runway it is fairly easy in my opinion you just need to put power in once you start to pull out of the turn but no too much or you will overshoot:)

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World most difficult approach is paro airport in Bhutan.

Where sticking to infinite flight :) but good to know if they ever add the region

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