2 violations - Please Revert

I got 2 violations for violently veering off the runway on the training server, as my whole device suddenly went mad - the yaw, roll and throttle was not working. The yaw and throttle just wouldn’t work even though I tried to reset them, and the throttle randomly went to 100%. I will share the replay file with a mod tomorrow, after I sleep as I was planning to do Project Sunrise with my friend and it’s 12:00am right now.

Violations don’t cause a ghosting do they?

If you would like to appeal violations, PM a moderator with replay evidence. They’ll be the ones in charge of the reversal.


Shoot them an email with the replay file. But make sure in the replay that it is clear that it was a game issue not pilot error. Or the violation will stand. If all is good it will be reversed.

Not true. You can get system ghosted if you recieve 5 violations in a row :)


Just to quickly touch on your question;

Gathering 5 Violations in Total within One Session of Playing will give you a so called “System Ghost”, which is not the same as Ghosting/Reported by IFATC on Expert Server. This System Ghost will basically kick you out from the server and you’ll have to wait 7 Days for the Violations to run off.

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MaxSez: YaYa we heard it all before, it’s not the “Man” it’s the “Machine”… Good Luck on your ”Plea”…


Ahhh. I got 4 violations in a row from falling out the sky. Good to know.

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I’ve actually had my controls fail once (not responding at all) so this can definitely happen lol

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If I start go out of control I always just end the flight before the violations rack up;)


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