2 violations for no reason

I was flying the 359 to Singapore and before I went to bed I realized I had crashed and gotten 2 violations!!! I didn’t do anything wrong. I watched the replay. this was not me or the plane. it was a glitch. I don’t deserve those violations and now I have a .71 ration rather than a .5!!!
how can I make sure this doesn’t happen again?


Did you by chance, stall? or run out of fuel? or forget to turn an engine off? Yes that’s happen before

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You were not Ghosted so feel lucky and know you put yourself in danger when not in control. See this for help. Congrats on Making it to Expert, Want to Stay There? Follow these Notes.


You might have stalled if you were at a high altitude or in case of a long haul might have run Outta fuel…anyway 0.5 ratio is quite high…


Ya. I am trying to get more landings. I watched the replay and in fact I did stall.

Have a look at this to prevent yourself from stalling again as the reason you stalled is most likely because you were too high

These probably won’t be reversed as the app isn’t to blame

Ya I stalled!

X thanks so much!!

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You actually may have been going over Mach 0.90. When you get above FL300, I believe it converts from knots to a measurement of Mach speed. Usually the fastest one can go is Mach 0.90 outside of a fighter jet, but the higher up you go the less it gets, again, outside of a fighter jet. Any more than Mach 0.90 at or above 30,000 and you are guaranteed to rack up violations. How fast/high did you set yourself to go when you were configuring your aircraft for takeoff?

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That’s above FL280
The issue was already solved, he didn’t stepclimb causing him to stall