2 Stunning Flights to the Tropics of the Caribbean

Miami to Antigua
New York JFK to Saint Kitts and Nevis

So recently I’ve been in the beachy Caribbean spirit because the weather has started to get cold, I’m watching Caribbean Life on TV, listening to Beach Music and dreaming of sitting on a beach in the middle of Winter. For @AmericanVirtual I’m doing a “Caribbean Series” where I fly to every Caribbean airport that American Airlines flies to, every airport from Roatan in Honduras to Trinidad and Tobago just north of South America. There are 34 airports and I’ve done about 20 so far, it’s going slow because each flight is almost 7 hours round trip and I try to fly into the Caribbean airports in daylight which is limited during the winter. That’s why my profile picture is from the Beachy Corona commercial. These 2 flights are 2 that have amazed me the most with the views along the way, blue turquoise water and dormant volcano cones. Last week I flew Miami to Antigua and was amazed at the views over the Bahamas, the US Virgin Islands and then over St Marteen and other Islands of the Saints, I then flew from Antigua up to New York, which took 3 tries because on the first two flights my airplane randomly stalled and crashed while on autopilot… right in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. When I finally made it to New York I flew down to Saint Kitts and Nevis and was again shocked by the awesome views on my way in. I’m case you want to fly any routes to the Caribbean, which you definitely should, my favorite airports I’ve flown to so far are Saint Croix, Saint Lucia, St Thomas, Saint Kitts and obviously Saint Marteen. Flight time from Miami to Antigua was 2 hours and 38 minutes and flight time from New York to Saint Kitts was 3 hours and 25 minutes.

Flight Details 🇺🇸 🇦🇬 🇰🇳

American 643
Airbus A321 / Boeing 737-800
2:38 • 3:25
@JulianB @Philippe_Gilbert @Ur_Friendly_Approach

Gear up out of Miami as we head for the reef lined beaches of Antigua

Crossing the coast as we climb over Miami Beach

Only 20 minutes after departure we cruise above Nassau and the turquoise tones of the Bahamas

Descending over everybody’s favorite little island, Saint Barthélemy

Touching down in St. John’s in Antigua!

After flying up to JFK from Antigua early in the morning we taxi out as a British Airways 747 heads out to the United Kingdom

Following the Canarsie Departure as we leave the twenty degree weather of the Northeast for the tropics of the Caribbean

The first island view is of Saint Marteen and Maho Beach and the famous approach into Princess Juliana International Airport

Descending into Basseterre over the quirky little island of Sint Eustatius

On the ground in Saint Kitts and Nevis where the weather is hot and the wind breezes through!

What should my first post be after the 757 is released?

  • Philadelphia to St. Marteen • US Airways
  • Denver to Kona • United
  • Minneapolis to Anchorage • Northwest
  • New York to San Francisco • Delta or United

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And if you want to follow my flights in the Caribbean Series you can look at the map here


Absolutely stunning shots. It looks like 2 amazing flights.

These are my 2 favorite shots.


Thank you! The flights were awesome! And I’m happy you like that moonshot because it was a pain to get 😂

Wow. Amazing photos Noah! And yes, I’m getting our next screenshots topic ready

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I totally understand. I tried forever to get a moonshot and the best I could get are 2 photos. image image
I’m gonna try again soon using Deer’s tutorial and yet it will probably look exactly like this.


Pure eye candy right here!

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@MJP_27 thank you Mason! I can’t wait to post that one too

@Zhopkins they’re confusing at the beginning so if you have any questions let me know!

@Pilot_Felix thank you! The flights were eye candy too 😋


I am always a huge fan of beach destinations and your pictures show very well why these are so cool to fly to! Fantastic colours all around and some great viewpoints of the A321 and B737. Thanks for sharing!

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Very niceeee!

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@JulianB thanks Julian! I live my beach destinations too 😂 especially when I’d so much rather be where my profile picture is than at my house right now where it’s cold and snowing. And the A321 has been really fun recently because I’ve flown the 737 so much! It’s really grown on me.

@Louis thank youuuuuhh

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imma do these 2day

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They’re really fun! You won’t regret it

Awesome photos Noah! Glad to see these shots!

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I love these pictures! Belize has some good views as well;)

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@KindaTartySliceOfPie thank you! I’m glad you like them 😃

@preston I’ve flown there! The scenery is amazing

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