2 special planes @KPAE

So this morning I went to KPAE for a Veterans livery on an Alaska E175 and a Evo blue United e175

Camera:Canon EOS Rebel T6

I’m sure DeerCrusher would like these
Those winglets be looking fire

Ow my eyes hurt now😢😢
You like this angle??

So funny story I knew this was going to come but I forgot so I was focusing my camera on to the taxing Evo blue E175 but then this boi comes out of nowhere so I quickly refocus and get some great shots like this one so that worked out lol
Omg omg it’s more beautiful in person
You can tell I am in Washington with this shot with the water spewing up from the engines making for a nice shot
Slats n flaps showcase
Some 787s that I saw here literally 2 years ago that are still here lol

I’m sure @AviatorRyan likes this photo
Thanks for viewing and leave your feedback!! Bye 👋


ugh, I love the United Express Tail logo, it’s 🔥🔥. Great pics!

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American 787!🇺🇸😍

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Thanks for the feedback!! It’s very beautiful in person

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Yes and so small for such big engines and combined with that livery😍

Great pics! Love this shot.

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I have some more pics of that would you like me to PM them to you?

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Sure! That’d be great.

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