2 Solutions to Long haul Flights

bit off topic but will there be jetstreams for transatlantic?

Yes. I would.

I’ll take that one first.

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Really?! Speed control would be chaotic in Live, but they should at least implement it in Solo Gobal

No thx to only in solo.

if you are sped up the system should auto-ghost you (in a good way) so you arent interfering with others and pays you reduced XP based on a sliding scale (60% for 2x, 30% for 4x, 20% for 8x, etc)


I support this idea

Oh yeah. This is a much better idea than mine!

You would have to be basically in the middle of nowhere and not be close to your destination

So y’all want to fly long haul flights, but don’t want to spend time?
Makes sense…


So you will stare at your iPad for over 10 hours

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You could go out and socialize.


So if your autopilot or something fails you will just crash do pilots just leave the cockpit all at once

Your autopilot doesn’t fail.
Also, Laura has stated that we will not receive any form of speed up functions.

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They are adding failures and what happened to that Air France flight

Is FDS really?
Or is that just a rumour?

Most likely a rumour

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I saw it on a post a while ago

Ehhh no? They’ve never said that.

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Anything else

You also need to set your heading when on long flights

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You can always use LNAV. I believe that will be implemented with Global.