2 Solutions to Long haul Flights

1 In fsx they have a thing that says the speed of the simulation so you could put it up to 10x speed but when you are 30 minutes away from your dest or under 10,000 feet the feature doesn’t work and its automatically set to normal speed

2 You could be able to save and exit your flight if you are above 10,000 feet and over 50nm away from your dest and you can join back and be at the same Altitude Speed VS HDG and location

Let me know if you have any questions


Ok first of all they have already said there will be no speed up option.


ok… but these are just ideas


If they are ideas then please put it in general not features.


ok I did .

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Here here is another save flight option


why do you just randomly start hating did I do something to you seriously Im not sure

seriously?no speed up…how are we gonna sit for 5+hrs and fly?


I added that you had to be above 10,000 feet and over 50 nm away

I am not hating I’m simply saying they have already been discussed. That’s all

@Partha_Gudi here
This is from the time multiple topic.

ohok thx for this

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I think this option is only on Ipone devices. When you are in flight, press your home button (don’t close the app) you can simply go on the forum etc. I think there is a limit of time you can set your flight on standby.
It works with live mode too.

It only works for a short period of time

I like both options.

I have a solution: Don’t do them unless you are willing to put in the time.

I won’t.


Best solution ever

Really? I thought the only option you’d really like is to have global available right now ;-)


Or we can simply wait until devs share with us the solution…

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I want to be able to save flight plans in app more than global

How would this work on live. Imagine planes disappearing & than reappearing out of thin air. That would be so weird.