2 Questions

Hey IFC! I got 2 questions for you guys.

  1. When flying in on a 6-7hr+ flight into EGLL using an iPad 9th Gen (iPad Pro 10.2 Inch) does 3D object density at high make your game crash?

  2. What is the arrival gate for this flight?

Thanks guys!

cant help with the second question but the ipad shouldn’t crash, but it is better to just put it on low to make sure

those are two different devices, but the 9th gen ipad is better suited for longer flights as it has a more powerful chip than the old pro model

Here is the exact name: Apple - 10.2-Inch iPad (9th Generation) with Wi-Fi - 64GB - Space Gray.

Yesterday’s arrival gate

Is there anyway I could find todays arrival gate?

take the flight num and put it into flightaware

Very unlikely, since the flight did not even depart yet

Done that. That’s the link I put in the original message.

Will it show when the flight departs?

Probably not right away, maybe if the flight is getting closer to London, but I’m not really sure. I’d just park at some gate at the terminal which Air Canada is using in LHR

Ok if it doesn’t appear after I land I’m just going to go to Gate B36. Thanks guys for the help!

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I have only had a few crashes on longer flights but none since turning object density to medium, the crashes stopped.


If it’s the 9th Gen, isn’t that exactly the same iPad as you used to have? As that was the 9th Generation too.

And yes, 3D object density does a lot :)

I used to have an iPad Air Gen 3.

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Okay, my bad.

Both of these devices have the same amount of RAM, which means the difference in terms of crashing will not be that much. So I would start with whatever settings you used on the iPad Air 3 and work your way up until you notice it becoming problematic. Then you’ll know where the “threshold” is.

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So far I have switched my settings to all max except I am still on 30fps and have anti-aliasing off and I have airplane count to low and so far no issues. I’ve flown into big airports also like ATL and YYZ.

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I talked to my friend @Flyin.Hawaiian who has the same device as me and he said he encounters 0 issues flying long hauls into LHR with 3D object density at high.

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@Pilot_InfiniteFlight if it’s a new device, why don’t you give the higher settings a go? Try the long haul on whatever settings you would like and see what happens? Best way to understand your devices capability :)


That’s exactly what I’m doing right now! Fingers crossed it won’t crash!

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