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Hey IFC! I have 2 questions. One is what percent of load factor would you consider your plane as “heavy” to use more flaps for departure? The second question is what flaps should I use for takeoff in a B752 that they use irl? I’ve always used flaps 15 but on the profile thing that @DeerCrusher made it said flaps 5 is more common, so I am just very confused. Thank you!

I usually use flaps 5 to take of.

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What flaps you use depends on your weight. Seeing as you have deer’s profile guide you can cross-reference that:

For example, if I am at 25% load I will use flaps 5

Again, cross reference your weight and runway situation. Looking at the chart we can see that flaps 5 is recommended for most situations, from 25% to 75%. When flaps 15 is mentioned, most of the time it is because of short runways or challenging terrain. This is the case for loads from 50% to 75%. The only time you should be using flaps 15 in normal conditions is if you are higher than 75% in load. Due to the fact that flaps 15 is only used for special circumstances, yes flaps 5 is more common.


alright thank you both!

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Actually you don’t need so many flaps…Only 1 or 2 is enough


there is only flaps 1 and flaps 5 and flaps 1 is barley any so i know for sure that aint enough

This can also be
But I often fly long distances

The image you attached is for only Boeing or we can refer it for Airbus also??

the image referred was only for the B752, not any other type of planes

Can you share a reference link for such informative images so I can use those for Airbus and Boeing

there is no such thing that i am aware of, but @DeerCrusher sorry for the ping made some very useful takeoff and landing profiles which has a reference sheet for that specific plane. below i am going to link the e175/e190 one as at the bottom of it, it will have all of the links to the other aircrafts.

The page I have listed is specifically for the 757. Here are some for other aircraft.

This covers the remaining aircraft models and well as the older models of the above planes:

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