2 Questions really...

Hello All! Hope you’re having an amazing day! I just have 2 quick questions.

  1. I’m flying to LAX as of right now from PHX so what direction would that be? North or South because I heard there were multiple frequencies for Tower and Approach.

  2. What is a good flap settings for climbing up to and cruising at 27,000?

Happy Flights:)

For question 1 it depends which runway. For question 2, it depends on aircraft, weight, etc.

I departed from runway 26 also maybe forgot the weight but aircraft is 777-3

Hi, probably south for the approach frequency. Also, no flaps are needed for climb. You usually takeoff with flaps 5 or 10 degrees and pull them up once you accelerate and get high enough.


No, which runway you’ll be arriving to

Oh I hope to be arriving at 25L or 25R

So yeah the southern frequency

It really depends listen to the atis and see what that tells you about approach

And tower would be the same thing?

The app controller would hand you off to the correct tower controller. In regards to your second question, you shouldn’t be using flaps at cruise, but a pretty normal cruise speed would be Mach 0.78.

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Approach should hand you off to the correct tower

Alright, Thanks All!

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