2 questions about approach and community

  1. is it considered “nooby” to use the appr/autoland to guide you through approach?

  2. what is this fnf? i have heard a lot about it in the community. apparently it is supposed to be at a specific time, but what time zone is it?

any responses are appreciated

Tiiiiny bit taboo for pros. But it is very useful and sometimes used in low visibility.

Friday Night Flights are just large gatherings in a certain place for people to fly around and IFATC to control. There is no time zone as it goes on all day.


Pros ( as in IRL PILOTS) use autoland often…however before they step into the flightdeck of a jet they already have many hours experience of hand flying smaller aircraft…which is what makes them professionals.

They use APPR often for parts of the approach, yes. Nonetheless nearly all landings are performed manually (apart from very few cases e.g. do to very low visibility).

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Hey! Its never “nooby” to let the plane land by itself. However, it is suggested that you hand fly the aircraft while landing to gain in game experience. I use the APPR feature until I am 1000FT AGL and then disengage the autopilot to hand fly the aircraft.

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