(2) questions about 20.1

  1. for some reason, I can not request ATC for a STAR I am only ask for vetores (Help)
  2. How do a Activate away mode?

Away mode is automatically activated after 2 minutes of not touching your device

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With the STAR, make sure it has the green bracket around it in your flight plan otherwise you won’t be able to request it.

  1. You must have have a Standard Terminal Arrival Route (STAR) filed in your flight plan to be able to request an arrival from ATC. See this great tutorial in the User Guide here for more information
  1. When you leave your device untouched, Away Mode will be activated and a Yellow Dot will appear to ATC to inform them that you are away from your device. This will be put into effect roughly 2 minutes after your device remains untouched

Enjoy the update! Let me know if you have any further questions

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@Balloonchaser I have one more question
lets say I am going from KLAX-EGLL
om that flight I am going across the Atlantic ocean do I have to follow a ocean track?
Even tho the route goes over the ocean tracks

Now that SIDS and stars are here in the sim I think before we load up into the airport there should be a way to check ATC ATIS and Centers so that you know what ATC wants and you set up your FPL the way ATC wants.

Makes sense???

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what if ATC is not active? @UnitedGuy19

Well then that airport we’ll not pop up in the chart

In Infinite Flight… Nobody is going to stop you from choosing not to utilize the Northern Atlantic Oceanic Tracks.This is true in real life as well… Even then you aren’t required to fly them; Airlines choose to use them due to the tracks being hand selected daily to make flights across the Atlantic Ocean as efficient as possible! These routes are the quickest and most fuel efficient routes for that day according to the prevailing winds.

Read more on NAT’s:


^ Quite Interesting

Negative. The Green dot indicates “active”. A yellow circle indicates “away”.

Well, that makes sense considering flying the tracks do not always make sense. A flight like YVR-LHR will go way north most of the time.

Yes you are correct. Please forgive me on that

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