2 phones 1 acount

If I have a acount on My old Samsung and then buy Infinite flight on My New Iphone can I log in with that acount that I hade on my Samsung on Infinite flight on my Iphone?

Yes you can. However, the subscription bill will still go to your google play account. You can go to your google play account, unsubscribe, and subscribe again on your iphone so you have control all on one phone if you choose :D

But also make sure not to use both phones at the same time, or else if there is a flight in progress, it will crash.

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In addition, you also will not be abk to fly in tandem on both phones.

Remove your card from the Samsung.

Then add it to the iPhone to pay from the iPhone, not the Samsung.

As long as you don’t use 2 devices whilst flying/ controlling then you will be fine. If you do the. Your engines will be cut.

Your login to IF Live subscription is not depending on your mobile device. You just login on whatever device you have that has the IF app installed.

But…keep in mind what @Lufthansa2 says: you don’t want to keep paying for your subscription on your old Google Play account. So make sure your current IF subscription (bought via Google Play) does not automatically renew. Then, after your subscription expires, purchase a new one via Apple.

Please let us know if this answers your question.


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