2 Part. November 26, 2014. Delta Connection (SkyWest Airlines) KMSP/MSP - KBNA/BNA

The second time was on November 26, 2014. I went to ride the plane for Delta Connection (SkyWest Airlines) a Bombardier CRJ-900. My seat is 6A half the windows sad. My flight DL4538 when left at 6:24 pm from 30L Runway, Minneapolis/St. Paul (KMSP/MSP) to Nashville (KBNA/BNA) landing on 20R Runway arrive at 7:49 pm for a long 696 miles distance took 1 hour 25 minutes for the highest 37,000 ft altitude level.

  • I have my old iPad 4 for the window in the evening early quickly.

Yes, I know have my pictures a little bit blurry from iPad 4 and no smartphone makes no sense? My apologies.

  1. I wasn’t hungry at Terminal C, KMSP/MSP Airport.

  1. Interior passengers.

  1. The book company aircraft Delta both Air Lines and Connection.

  1. My seat is 6A the left half window.

  1. The winglets.

  1. Terminal Gate C, KMSP/MSP.

  1. De-icing the wet.

  1. The front cockpit. Nashville (KBNA/BNA).

  1. Delta Air Lines McDonnell Douglas MD-88. I have my picture was a blurry my apologies. Nashville (KBNA/BNA).

  1. Baggage Claim 7. I found my big bag color is black heavy.

I look hey to my mom and grandma and went to ride the car from Nashville Airport far to Hamilton, Alabama took 3 half hours! Why we were visiting with family for Happy Thanksgiving.

Any questions?

Thank you for watching!


Darn, I was really hoping for some photos of the elusive rear cockpit…

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Yes, thank you.

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Wait, I said real instead of rear, joke dead lmao

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Oh, I see well bummer. lol.

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Ya sorry about that lol

You were probably so confused because what I initially said frankly made no sense lmao

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If I understood. I am deaf and can’t hear why my grammar English may say be differently worded so what do I how others may say anything. Makes no sense?

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