2 months since I last spotted

Can't believe I haven't spotted in 2 months. Guess that's what having a life feels like...

Not only is this picture backlit, but it also still has the remnants of window tint on it! Why have one thing to ruin your photo when you can have two? This is what happens when you don't have enough time to make it to the actual spotting location (guess who left home too late). So why is this here? Because I don't have a picture of Zipair yet


I genuinely think this livery is just straight up ugly, but I guess I have a photo of it now

Small ahh toothpaste


Another 777-300ER picture is always welcomed by me

Flew on this airframe before!

Korean Air (Idk what caption to put here)

Now, yes, I know I am *1* photo over the limit, but come on, I really like this shot

Thanks for viewing


Instagram (new)
I have Jetphotos, but seriously, do you want to see almost nothing


These photos are so nice 😍

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Amazing shots!

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yeah i haven’t really “spotted” since january the 14th

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nice shots, and when i was at yvr in summer, i saw the JAL 767!! its a cool plane

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nice i want to go to japan some time to plane spot

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Great shots! Very Canadian. Love the A330 buttering (like always).

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Nice. I flew on JA616J just last year - one of my best flight experiences so far

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Japan is definitely one of the most spotter-friendly countries

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Thanks! Yeah the A330 made quite a show yesterday…

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