2 month old baby dies on AirAsia flight to Perth

On an AirAsia flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur, a 2-month old baby was having breathing difficulties. The baby was the child of two Saudis, going to Perth to try and get a better life. When the baby had the breathing difficulties, she was given by the parents to a complete stranger onboard. Her face was grey, and the parents were distressed. Soon after, the child went limp and the woman started CPR. The baby was unable to be revived and died.

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That is a terrible thing to happen… My thoughts go out to everyone aboard that flight.

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This is a terrible incident for sure and even though I’m a parent myself, i can’t imagine the pain for the babies parents.

However, this is not the appropriate place to discuss this. It’s not really aviation related & there’s not much that can be discussed about it, which is the whole point of a forum.