2 Mobile in 1 subscription

“first of all, pardon my English/Grammar. I’m asian :D”

so i have 2 mobile phone (both android) and I’m planning to renew my subscription again. I’m just wondering, can I use my subscription (linked to Facebook) to my 2 phones?


Phone #1’s battery died so i have to charge it. i logged in my account to Phone #2 to play.

will it work?

TIA for your response.


Yes you can have the app and a subscription but you won’t be able to fly at the same time with one sub. The subscription is linked to your PlayStore so that subscription is available on both devices as long as you login with the same credentials. I do this with my iPhone 6 & 7 as well as my iPad Pro, just can’t fly simultaneously with multiple devices.

Thank you for the prompt response.

I was just thinking of using my 2nd Phone for Long Hauls (coz its old) and my 1st Phone for short flights (I don’t want to murder its battery life).

Sure thing. I do my long hauls on the iPad. When I’m logged off of the iPad, I will login on my phone and use the same subscription which is linked to my iTunes ID on the phones for patternwork.

If you try to do the long haul while you are doing a short haul, the throttle will be cut and you will be disconnected from the servers so don’t try that and you’ll be fine :)

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Thanks again sir. cheers!

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