2 Million XP Reached!

It could have been achieved earlier, but I’ve been busy with airport editing for the second half of the year. Many of those flights was logged with @Korgast , who is also super helpful during my time in IFAET and radar training!
This was also one of the test flights to my WIP airport. The sensitivity somehow got reset without notice after the update, resulting in weird controlling and … a hard landing. Not the best way to reach the milestone 🤦‍♂️

Nonetheless I’m so excited to get to 2M before this year ends! Here’s to many more!


2 million XP with less than 5 violations is not an easy story. Congratulations!

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Well done 👏 Congratulations!

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What a “Super Trouper”

(Only some could get the reference)

Congratulations, and I’m impressed with the violation count as well. ;)

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