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(2) Just Sayin, 2015-05-31 14:34:12: Closed out yesterday eve with a Playground Caravan hop out of Bradshaw on the Big Island. Old stamping grounds. (Worked F-4’s out of MAG-24 doin CAS training as a AO in an OV-10 in the Pohakaloa RS back in the day.) The volcano field with there Caldera and Puu’s still gets ones attention particularly heading west into a setting Sun for Hona. Low mist/smoke and strong winds at FL90 as you traverse Kea’s summit. It makes for an interesting hands on go, everybody should try it in a slow mover. Honolulu Center& Hona Tower/Ground ATC service were top notch. Started this morning in a dressed up Champ, the Super Decathlon, a real seat of the pants pilots machine. Used the Advance Server as suggested by Capt. Biggs for a change, was duly impressed with the ATC’s at La Guardia as I launched for a trip down the Hudson for Westchester. Can’t say enough good things about La Guardias Service, two calls did it all! Ground guided me along multiple taxiways and across two runways to the Actives Threshold, I did’t Xmit I just steered. Ground Handed me off and I was gone down the river at FL10 in record time… The only down side which is not unusual on the Advanced Server was no Center for a handoff and vectors. In the afternoon I strapped on my trusty Caravan and did my infamous Palm Springs-Dago run which I’ve been bitching about. It was Flawless this time. Every ATC entity on this route was fully engaged… It appears to me that IF’s Training Plan for ATC’s is paying off in spades. As I been Sayin for three plus years “You do Good Work” IF Crew.
Max Sends. Bt…

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@Laurens People enjoy the game in many ways. @Maxmustang has every right to enjoy the game and write about it. If you (Or anyone) doesn’t like it, then move on and ignore it.

I enjoy reading some content on here and some stuff I wish could just disappear from my screen, but I don’t complain.

Not willing to start an argument but seriously-Lay off.

Best, Boeing707

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Come on Lauren’s get a life. No BS or harassment intended. Remember your playing with the big kids now. Every comment on these pages is valuable to someone. Obviously you March to your own opinionated unsycopated beat. Live long and prosper youngster… Max Sends

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Just sounds like someone that really enjoys the sim. I didn’t sense any harassment…

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I agree… I didn’t read very much harassing… plus its always good to get positive as well as negative feedback on anything. (plus how to unlike posts? did not intend to like a post but hit it accidentally)

There was nothing harassing about @Maxmustang post. @Maxmustang has been playing IF for a very long time and enjoys writing about it in a more narrative way and I personally find it very entertaining … I would love to see more of this in the future, we can even think about having a dedicated category for this kind of post if it becomes more common.

Keep all communications civil, even if you feel the poster is not. You can critique ideas and content all you want, but make sure to add to the conversation and explain why.

@Maxmustang in the future, maybe format your post a bit better to make it easier to read, and try to have a title that is a bit more relevant to the content (something that Flight Log 2015-05-31). Other than that, keep them coming :)


Noted. “Flight Log” it will be. Appreciate your intercession and feedback Phiippe. Warm Regards, Max Sends